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Dreaming in Vinyl

An articulate and thoughtful singer/songwriter whose career spans a quarter of a century, Caroline Doctorow has been responsible for some of the sweetest songs of the modern folk idiom. Lately however, she’s changed her tack, choosing instead to focus on the catalogs of heritage artists that initially inspired her. Her latest album, Dreaming in Vinyl, is less specific, drawing instead on a wide array of songs that have made some sort of imprint over the course of the past 50 years.

--Lee Zimmerman, No Drepression Magazine

Another Country

The Songs of Richard and Mimi Fariña

Another Country ...The Songs of Richard and Mimi Fariña showcases Doctorow's velveteen voice and the extrodinary songs of 1960's folk icons Mimi and Richard Farina. Expertly produced by the highly sought after multi -instrumentalist Pete Kennedy this recording boasts several stellar guest artists including Nanci Griffith,  John Sebastian, Happy Traum, and Eric Weissberg. 

I Carry All I Own

The Songs of Mary McCaslin

I Carry All I Own…The Songs of Mary McCaslin -  This is the much anticipated follow up to Doctorow's critically acclaimed 2009 release Another Country…The Songs of Richard and Mimi Fariña.  I Carry All I Own is the second in a series of records that Doctorow plans to release showcasing the work of important iconic American folk songwriters not yet honored with retrospective -type albums. 


























Carmel Valley Ride -is a concept album and song cycle inspired by the life and work of the famous sixties folk duo Richard and Mimi Farina. Produced by Frank Carillo, the sound of the recording is a mix of folk, pop and alternative country sounds.

Carmel Valley Ride

One half Donovan inspired and the other half Hank Williams lonesome. This is a collection of ten new songs and also includes Caroline's popular  cover of Snowbird. Appearances by Russ Seeger, Barbara Lamb, Gary Oleyar and others.


Little Lovin' Darling

Sweet to Me

Caroline's follow up the critically acclaimed ANOTHER COUNTRY, this new collection of Doctorow's own songs are paired with 1960's folk classics, all washed in stunning layers of acoustic walls of sound.

Trouble in the Fields

A Tribute to Nanci Griffith

Various Artists

This album features fourteen much loved Nanci Griffith songs, performed by  some of the top names in Americana music today including The Kennedys, Red Molly, Julie Gold, Carolyn Hester, John Stewart, Tom Russell, and more.

Produced by Pete and Maura Kennedy.  Caroline sings the title track.










Passing Through Tulsa

Passing Through Tulsa is an eight song EP

produced by Frank Carillo, and  features some of acoustic music's finest players, Barbara Lamb on fiddle, Annie Golden on harmony vocals, Andrew Carillo on guitar, and more.

This song cycle traces Doctorow's 25-year career as a folksinger, songwriter and record producer. The album features several prominent guest artists including Grammy award-winner Nanci Griffith, famed multi-instrumentalist Pete Kennedy ( The Kennedys ) John Sebastian ( Lovin' Spoonful ) and Nashville-based fiddler Barbara Lamb (Doug Seegers.)

-released 2015





Raven Girl - Retrospective VOl. 1

Bob Dylan Birthday Celebration

Recorded live at The University Cafe Sunday Street series-Featuring Rod MacDonald, Russ Seeger,  Pat Wictor, Rob Stein, Johnny Cuomo, Caroline Doctorow and others.

Produced by Charlie Backfish of WUSB. 

☀Caroline sings the Dylan classic I Want You

Bob Dylan Uncovered

Paradiddle Records

Various Artists

Includes Caroline's cover of

One Too Many Mornings


Bob Dylan Uncovered VOl. 2

Paradiddle Records

Various Artists

 Includes Caroline's version of

Time Passes Slowly.

Hiding Out in Plain Sight.jpg

Hiding Out in Plain Sight

Debut album, includes guest performances by Cindy Cashdollar, Grayson Hugh, and Eric Weissberg

That Changes Everything.jpg

That Changes Everything

The Kinks Unkovered

Caroline covers Oklahoma USA on this excellent  Paradiddle label release of Kinks covers

       Film and Television

Freedom: The History of Us

Come along on an exciting journey through Joy Hakim's story of freedom in America. Narrated by Katis Couric.

Caroline is featured on the soundtrack singing the traditional folk song This Little Light of Mine produced by Bob James




 Paramount Pictures



Starring Timothy Hutton, Ellen Barkin, and Amanda Plummer.
Directed by Sydney Lumet.
Caroline sings on the soundtrack.


The original Fiction Brothers offer up a cool collection of folk songs.

Caroline; harmony vocal on title track.

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