Caroline Doctorow

Caroline Doctorow 2012

Little Lovin' Darling
New from Narrow Lane Records
Produced by Pete Kennedy

“One half Donovan inspired, and the other half Hank Williams lonesome… ” East Hampton Star
“The music on this record, in true folk process style, runs the gamut of influences, some folk and some not, from The Incredible String Band to the Hollies to Woody Guthrie.…” Beth Young/East End Beacon
This just in…
LL’D made #18 in the top 30 for this week (June 20) on WESU
This is a collection of ten new original songs and in addition includes a cover of Gene MacLellan’s  classic  Snowbird.  Produced by Pete Kennedy. Appearances by Russ Seeger, Inda Eaton, Barbara Lamb and Gary Oleyar.

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Sweet to Me - Caroline Doctorow
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